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Knowledge Work Automation ebook



This ebook provides an overview of daily challenges and the value of knowledge work automation and the
need for organizations to minimize the time knowledge workers spend on tasks that do not utilize their skills.
It explains in detail around these main focus topics.

  • Knowledge workers spend a significant amount of time on non-value added work, with 41% of their day dedicated to unsatisfying activities that do not utilize their primary skills. ​

  • Knowledge work automation aims to streamline tasks and eliminate anything that does not make the best use of a knowledge worker's skills, allowing them to focus on solving critical problems and creating valuable assets. ​

  • Technology, such as AI and cloud storage, can automate tasks such as document creation, compliance, and organization, freeing up knowledge workers to focus on more important work. ​

  • Collaboration is an integral part of knowledge work, and knowledge work automation brings structure to collaboration, ensuring efficient use of time and resources and eliminating the risk of errors. ​

  • Knowledge work automation is not about replacing knowledge workers with AI, but rather using AI to handle repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing knowledge workers to be more productive and fulfilled in their careers. ​





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