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Siemens Healthineers logo on office building

Siemens Healthineers

Branding & Graphics

The launch of the Siemens Healthineers new brand was both innovative and thought evoking. The goal was to set the company apart from the competition.


The overall branding structure was based on this visual and graphic style. The colors applied to the faces and graphic elements were chosen from the logos - Siemens family color was the aqua and the orange represented the new company name of Healthineers.


The facial expressions of the people are meant to be even and not too happy or sad. The idea is that these images could represent patients, clinicians, or lab representatives. Anyone that is connected to Siemens Healthineers products or services. The graphic overlay treatments represent the different product lines, services, technology, disease states, etc. A library of graphics was custom-made for the product and service lines of the company.

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